Traditionally, Ginseng was taken as a general tonic for health supplements

– Since ancient times, ginseng is being used as supplements in revitalizing energy as the values of ginseng are potent.

– It is an adaptogen that may assist the body to restore to its healthy state, help improve energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and stress, enhance sexual performance, stimulate blood circulation, refreshing brain and memory etc.

– In modern times, ginseng application is widely used in foods, candy and beverages. Notably, ginseng is preferred source of supplements in prepared foods and also could be found in table serving menus.

Eco Thai selects the best quality Ginseng roots mixed with Raw Honey. Only 2 ingredients used – no additives or preservatives added and this yield the best quality of Ginseng Raw Honey Tea. Not recommended to drink it in the afternoon, because Ginseng may cause insomnia to some people.

Available in : Large size (440g.) , Small size (150g.)