Good Day Set – raw honey set with natural ingredients as an alternative of supplements to revitalize and energize while reducing tiredness and fatigue. This is energy booster set which could assist in maintaining energy level and perk you up for daily activities. To achieve the optimum benefits, it is recommended to consume the product at right timing. Good Day set consist of:-

Ginseng Raw Honey Tea – recommended to consume in the morning, as Ginseng has efficiency in refreshing brain and memories and has energy for work endurance while boosting energy honey.

Bee Pollen Raw Honey Tea – recommended to consume in the afternoon. The values and vitamins of Bee Pollen could be absorbed into our body to provide energy.

Fresh Royal Jelly Raw Honey Mix – recommended to consume before bed time. Royal Jelly is the best natural nutrients. It assist us to have good sleep, which is a key of healthy body and rejuvenates while sleeping.

Available in : Large size (440g.) , Small size (150g.)