Stingless Bee New product introduce to commercial market.

– Stingless Bee(Meliniponies) are tropical insect, smaller size than honey bees(Apis mellifera) 2-3 times,

without sting and not vicious.

– They assist in the pollination of plants to achieve higher yields during fruit season for Thai farmers.

– They collect tree gum and resin in building their hive for storage 20% honey and 80% pollen.

– Stingless Bee hive is benefit for extracting propolis which has efficiency in anti-inflamation, kill bacteria.

– The honey has a unique taste, soft sweet with sour aftertaste because there is a kind of natural

fermentation processing inside the hive.

– Due to their physical size, it would require minimum of 6 months to harvest the mature honey.

– Honey Dipper and Container are coated with BEESWAX. Suitable as food container.

Available in : Large size (500g.)