Royal Jelly is rare food produced in minute amount by worker bees for the sole nourishment of Queen Bee.

– The Queen bees’ life span is 6 to 8 years, while drone bees’ is 6 weeks. Royal Jelly is the food for Queen Bee while drone bees diet is honey and bee pollens.

– High in nourishment, rich in natural minerals, good source of dietary fiber and absorb easily by body.

– Therefore, Queen’s remarkable levels of energy, longevity and reproduction capability are due to her diet of Royal Jelly.


– Rich in anti-oxidants properties, proteins, amino acids, lipids, natural hormones, minerals, folic acid, fatty acids and vitamins e.g. A, B compound D and C. The taste of royal jelly is sour due to natural fermentation with little spicy.


** Wooden honey dipper, spoon and container are coated with BEES WAX, suitable for food usage.

Available in : Large size (440g.) , Small size (150g.)